Adoka Niitsu


Kiefer Marien

Adoka Niitsu is a Japanese artist based in Paris, France. Her work spans various mediums, including painting, lithography, and installation art. Visit her website.

Niitsu 02

“I grew up in the Japanese countryside – just fields of grapes, fruits and rice. Beautiful mountains and landscapes. My father was a graphic designer. I was influenced both by this natural environment and by the process of graphic advertisements and other images in father’s design studio.”

Niitsu 13

“I decided to be an artist because I wanted to have more freedom to my creative process.”

Niitsu 10

“In the beginning, we want to discover something new. But over time, we start going back to our roots.”

Niitsu 03

“I got a chance to stay as an artist-in-residence at the ‘Cité Internationale des Arts’ in Paris 9 years ago, and I started to work here full-time 6 years ago. I discovered this city is a crossroads of food, fashion, art, photography, cinema, history, different culture…everything and I enjoy being in the center of it all.”

Niitsu 05

“I have found that I can be a medium between French culture and Japanese culture.”

Niitsu 08

“Computers have many possibilities, but I am worried about them, because for most people they are passive. I thought at the beginning, it was freedom. But, in fact, for example, if I have my smartphone, I end up not asking for directions. I end up not talking to people.”

Niitsu 01

“For the future, I think it’s very important that we be both analog and digital. So, I will continue to integrate both in my art.”

Niitsu 15

“Being popular or famous is not so important to me. Small voices are very, very important. Details and subtle differences are the most interesting things.”

Niitsu 14