Beatrice Colombo


Beatrice Colombo is a numerology coach from Italy. She grew up in Milan, spent a few years traveling and working on organic farms in the United States, and now lives in Paris, France.

Colombo 11

“Numerology is an art that’s present everywhere in the world. If you look at Jewish culture, Chinese culture, Indian culture, European culture, they all have similar concepts.”

Colombo 08

“Numbers are at the base of everything, and once you learn to read them, to decode them, you can sometimes get some answers.”

Colombo 28

“Each number is basically a character. There is no quantification of the numbers. They’re all the same – they just have different meanings.”

Colombo 09

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always had this kind of feeling with numbers. Numbers had a meaning, they weren’t just digits.”

Colombo 26

“I just try deliver the message, rather than push people to make positive changes to their life. Ultimately they have to make the life decisions themselves.”

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