Dominika Visy


Dominika Visy is a multidisciplinary artist from Hungary, currently based in Berlin. Her pursuits include photography, theatre, literature, music, calligraphy and painting.

After working with several theatre companies in London, she founded her own company, Heckcelsior, in 2016, and staged her first play with them later that year. She currently works as a freelance photographer and regularly performs at poetry readings.

Visy 01

“What interests me about portraits is the search for a new way of portraying someone, with unusual colors, patterns, or even mosaics. It’s the same with photography – trying to find new ways of showing something. Placing someone in unusual locations, or interesting angles.”

Visy 03

“Poetry, for me, is a way of dealing with my problems or negative feelings. It is like writing in a diary.”

Visy 04

“I feel better about publishing these personal poems, as I feel that it’s a way to let people know about my personal life. Others might even identify with my experiences.”

Visy 06

“When I am in a good mood, I find it difficult to create art, as I try to just enjoy the moment. So I find more inspiration in negative experiences.”

Visy 07

“I’m always looking for patterns, especially in buildings. The patterns made by windows are really fascinating.”

Visy 08

“I try to write everyday, but I don’t set myself a requirement. Especially with my poetry, I feel that it has to come out naturally. I can’t force it.”

Visy 09

“I never really identified with Hungary that much, which is probably why I always wanted to leave. I do have some typically Hungarian traits… but I also have many British traits too.”

Visy 12

“I am always, always changing…every place that I’ve lived in has affected me in a little way. It’s interesting because you feel like you belong everywhere, but in reality, you never really belong anywhere.”