Manon Bru


Manon Bru is a textile and fabric designer. Originally from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in southwestern France, she now lives and works in Lyon, France.

Manon Bru

“At first, I studied to be a fashion designer, but I realized that I enjoy the patterns of textiles more, and now I specialize in fabric and textile design.”


“If you’re a fashion designer, you have to use pre-made fabrics to make clothes. In a way, you are limited. But when you create the fabric yourself, you have more freedom. You choose everything – the colors, the prints, the patterns. You’re closer to the beginning.”

Bru 01

“I begin with inspirations – I can be inspired by a photo, a piece of furniture – I get inspiration from anything, really. Sometimes I have a theme, for example, an “India” style. Then, I choose colors, materials, that match this overall theme.”

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“Lyon has been a center of fabric design since the Renaissance, because there was a large silk industry here. There is actually a museum of fabrics and patterns here, too.”

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“When [my colleagues and I] see a picture or image that inspires us, we print it out and paste it on a big wall of images. Then, we group these images together, to create patterns and combinations that go well together.”

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