Millicent Nobis


Millicent Nobis is an Australian jewelry designer based in Berlin. In 2012, she founded Mies Nobis, a conceptual jewelry label drawing on art, sculpture & fashion as inspiration. Nobis is also a member and co-founder of AA-Collected, a design collective in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Nobis 06

“My dad is an architect, and his work ethic and his perfectionism have definitely influenced me, particularly his creative process.”

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“My parents are really young, so my dad was still studying architecture while I was growing up. We traveled Europe when I was 12 or 13…and we were really just on a route to see interesting architecture.”

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“Particularly, [the German architect] Mies van Der Rohe has been an inspiration, and he actually the source of the name my jewelry label, Mies Nobis. Art, architecture, design, jewelry, fashion, they all have ties to each other.”

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“I actually studied fashion design and later moved into jewelry, so starting a jewelry line has been about my exploration of form and how jewelry actually works. My starting point was looking at tribal traditional jewelry, in terms of re-use. The initial designs looked at materials like horn and bone, which have previous uses and are then reincarnated into a new form, as adornment.”

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“I was initially looking at this dead matter, but I’ve since graduated into being inspired by muscles, figurative art, the texture of skin, and representations of the human figure.”

“I first collect imagery, and from that I illustrate ideas. But, I don’t really illustrate designs, as such, but rather images and shapes. I illustrate these shapes, then pull a flat 2D shape, and play with making it into a 3D shape and how this shape can be worn as a piece of jewelry on the body.”

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“Berlin, in general, is a sort of creative melting pot. It’s attracting creative people from all over the world. This selection of people in the collective strongly represents that. We have a German, a Swiss, a Spanish, and two Australians. We’ve all been here for various periods of time.”

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“The concept [of AA Collected] is really designers doing it for themselves. We’re taking the sales aspect into our own hands. That’s also quite Berlin – to do things a little bit unconventionally and to take control of your own direction.”