Thibault Saveret


Thibault Saveret is a French video game designer currently just outside of Paris, France. He currently works for a large video game design company developing games for the major video game consoles.

Saveret 22

“With game design, you cannot be the only one that says, ‘my experience is good.’ You need other people to enjoy the experience too. You need other people to check on it, to make sure it’s actually good.”

Saveret 21

“More and more developers are going indie because they have less and less restrictions on their creativity. And yet, sometimes restrictions can make you more creative.”

Saveret 09

“A good game game designer is always taking in inspiration from life. You have to be able to transpose everything you see and do into ideas for games.”

Saveret 24

“A bad game designer is someone that doesn’t take criticism. You have to accept that other people won’t always like what you made. Yet you also have to be sure of your concept, enough to convince the skeptics.”

Saveret 26

“I’m inspired by anything that has a user experience, from movies, board games, interfaces, or other video games. Ultimately, I design the experience for the player, trying to figure out how to make this work. It has to be thrilling.”

Saveret 19

“Are video games art? Whether something is art or not depends on the room, or freedom, you have for your creativity.”

Saveret 02

“In the end, it’s the end product that can be considered art or not. But in the creation process [of games] itself, there is a lot of art-like activity.”

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