Thon Huijser


Thon Huijser moved from the Netherlands to Berlin, Germany, in 2016. He is currently working on a first exhibition of non-figurative paintings as well as setting up an independent art gallery in Berlin.

Huijser 01

“I’ve been a musician, a poet, a writer, a conceptual artist, I’ve done projects, video graphics, systems design, and much more…”

Huijser 02

“I’m not an ‘artist,’ I’m just having fun, I’m just doing stuff. I need to have a sense of developing in it, evolving in it, also I need friends to look at it and say, you could do that. I need a bit of affirmation, like anybody.”

Huijser 03

“Two years ago I was here for the first time, and I instantly felt a connection. I felt that this could be home for me. It was just a feeling of, ‘I need to be here.'”

Huijser 04

“The main reason for me to come to Berlin, the number one reason is see what comes up, creatively. If I open myself up to it, get myself in tune with the city, with friends here, with the whole vibe, something will come up. Not just one idea, but many.”

Huijser 05

“I was here a couple of months and I started painting again, which I haven’t done for a long, long time. And I had new ideas coming out of me. And a theme started forming.”

Thon Huijser

“No one can live in Berlin. I can live in my neighborhood, but Berlin is just too big to live in. It’s the vibe, the feeling of belonging. I mean that in every sense – socially, politically, economically – it feels right.”

Huijser 07

“Right now my main influence is music, actually. Music without any vocals, which just moves along like clouds in the sky. It’s abstract. It is about what note follows the next note, which follows the next note. More than anything else, music affects my emotion.

Huijser 08

“A painting isn’t finished until someone looks at it and says, ‘It does this with my feelings.'”