Zack Lee


Zack Lee is an artist and maker currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lee 23

“I’ve been moving away from visual work, because there’s this inability to connect with a lot of people. You’re basically limited to people that have studied art or people who just think it looks cool. You don’t get the average person who doesn’t know much about art.”

Lee 21

“Visual work doesn’t really express what I want to express. I’ve been transitioning more to sound and interactive work, because they are more immediately relatable.”

Lee 08

“I realized that I didn’t want to be making products, I didn’t want to be making a wall decoration.”

Lee 11

“I want to make something that gives someone an experience, rather than selling a product. It’s something that you can’t buy.”

Lee 09

“My ultimate goal is to be an artist’s artist.”

Lee 20

“I want to be the guy behind the scenes that gets no recognition. The guy that artists call when they need something done.”

Lee 16

“I really just want to inspire people to be independently creative, and not have to sell their work to make art.”

Lee 01